In tonight’s episode of Ideas on CBC Radio, four experts sit down for a dialogue on how our food systems can adapt to improve food security. 

The discussion entitled, Food Security is National Security was recorded earlier this month during the 2023 Arrell Food Summit: Pathways to Change

Hosted annually by the University of Guelph’s Arrell Food Institute, the Summit brings together agri-food leaders and experts to exchange ideas about topics crucial to improving global food systems.  

The episode airs at 8:05 p.m. local time across most of Canada, and 8:35 pm in Newfoundland, on CBC Radio One, and will also be available live online. 

With rising grocery costs, overwhelmed food banks and inflation driving an affordability crisis across Canada, food insecurity is on the rise. Along with extreme weather events, growing populations, armed conflicts and war, the experts discuss how to address these global challenges.

Together, they discuss what our food systems need to look like to ensure they work for everyone amid the many challenges poised to impact our food systems in Canada and globally, now and in the future. 

Among the themes discussed are how food security is personal and political; how actionable, timely, transparent and targeted data can help inform decisions; how to apply systems thinking to food systems challenges and discovering new, transformative pathways for change. 

View a recording of the session, Food Security is National Security, on YouTube.