Amplify your stories with a strategy to connect social media with web presence, creating a healthy digital ecosystem.

Be Timely

social media allows us to share information instantly, and it is also the expectation of followers. Each platform has its own generalized best practices for content type, posting frequency and follower engagement. For example, is recommended that you tweet 4-6 times per day when starting a new social media account. It is best to spend time “listening” to the conversations and seeing how others interact. Think of it as joining a new group of friends. Observing is the best way to get to know the social culture and expectations of the group.

Goals and Strategy

Define your goals and develop a well-planned strategy – with a social media strategy you can target your audience and establish the key messages you wish to communicate. Setting goals will help you choose the appropriate platforms on which to be present, and will help you create impactful, relevant content that will engage your audience in a positive and beneficial way.

Link Back to Website

Link back to your website whenever possible to refer your followers to the long-form content within your web environment.

Tell the U of G Story

Utilize the Brand Guide to help plan your branded story. The posts should resonate with your audience and be relevant to their needs and experiences. Support your presence on social media with brand-rich, vibrant and authentic media, such as photos, videos, animation and audio. Make sure to also follow AODA guidelines, as found in the brand guide.