University of Guelph Brand Guide

Improve Life.

The University of Guelph is a unique place, with transformative research and teaching and a distinctive campus culture. People who learn and work here are shaped and inspired by a shared purpose: To Improve Life.

Reflecting that shared purpose in every experience connected to U of G positions us to create positive change, here and around the world.

It is the starting point for every story we tell; it is what we do and who we are.

About this Guide

This Brand Guide assists U of G staff, faculty and students in expressing, through written and visual communications, how we improve life. It helps us tell our story and connects us.

It provides guidance, support and inspiration for telling the University’s stories. It is a resource, both internally and externally, for appropriate use of the University’s name, colours, logotypes, images, etc.

Developed in consultation with communicators across campus, the Brand Guide is a fluid document and will be updated frequently with fresh examples, current images and new resources and information.


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, or contact

A note on approvals: All external communications intended for broad audiences, such as advertisements, banners and videos, must be approved by the assistant vice-president, communications & public affairs. The AVP should be contacted early in your development process by contacting

Change Log

  • 02/07/18 – New redesign, now featuring the Brand Guide and Style Guide for Writer
  • 12/13/17 – Major update to the U of G Cornerstone Suite download and added the Lockup Request Form
  • 11/17/17 – Added the Font Request Form
  • 11/02/17 – Added new PowerPoint templates, in 4×3 and 16×9 formats
  • 10/05/17 – Added preferred vendor info for business cards
  • 09/27/17 – Revised version of letterhead template with 2nd page footer
  • 09/21/17 – Added media and filming consent forms to the Imagery section
  • 09/07/17 – Minor tweaks to letterhead templates and instructions
  • 09/01/17 – Download disclaimer added to Fonts page
  • 09/01/17 – New examples added to Messaging Architecture page
  • 08/15/17 – Added letterhead templates for Microsoft Word for download
  • 08/10/17 – Updated the value of the U of G Blue colour to C 52 / M6 / Y0 / K25