We have created templates for you that are U of G branded, use these as your profile avatar, banner and profile images.

Download Full Social Media Resource Kit

Image/Media Sizes

Each social media platform has different specifications for optimal content sizing. Hootsuite has put together a website for Social Media Image Sizes: A Quick Reference Guide for Each Network that you can visit and find any size requirements for the platform of choice.

Profile Image/Avatar

Use this file to create your U of G branded social media profile image/avatar. We’ve created one as a square and circle for various types of social media profiles.

Example of the
Facebook profile image

Example of the
Twitter or Instagram profile image

Banner or Cover Image

Example of the Twitter cover image with the U of G branded template applied.

twitter cover image example

Blockquote Templates

Here are three different versions of Blockquote templates for you to create U of G branded content with ease. They are provided in InDesign, Photoshop and Canva template formats.
You will be able to add in your own background image and text.

Download All Blockquote Template Files Zip


Template A

Template A

Template B

Template C

Template C

Using the Templates in the Canva App

1. When clicking the link and opening in the app, in the upper right corner of the image are three dots:

canva 1

2. Click on three dots, then make sure you choose “save a copy”, this way you will be able to edit your own copy and not the original.

Canva 2