Dr. Jesse Popp

Dr. Jesse Popp, the chair in Indigenous environmental science, spoke to several publications about her work combining Indigenous knowledge approaches and Western science techniques to study Eastern wolves in northern Ontario with the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory species-at-risk coordinator. 

To CBC Sudbury, Popp explained why it’s important to study these wolves and said she hopes the project will “serve as a model for future partnerships that braid Indigenous knowledge with western science.” 

The importance of Popp’s study was highlighted in an article by the Guelph Mercury Tribune that also appeared in the Toronto Star.  

“We talk about reconciliation with people, but we also have to think about reconciliation with the Earth,” she told the publication.  

A professor in the School of Environmental Sciences and the head of the Wildlife, Indigenous Science and Ecology Lab, Popp studies ecosystem science and biodiversity.