The University of Guelph’s women’s and men’s track and field teams have won the U Sports track and field championships.

It is only the second time in U of G history that the Gryphons have swept both titles in the same year.

U of G finished the three-day event, which wrapped up in Windsor today, with 20 medals, seven of them gold.

“It’s our strongest year ever,” said Gryphons coach Dave Scott-Thomas, who was named U Sports Women’s and Men’s Coach of the Year. “I put a lot of weight on titles as an indication of strength. We’ve had other very good years. But this shows where we are now as a program.”

It was the second straight win for the men’s team, which has won the team title five times. The Gryphon women’s team took home its third banner. U of G last won both the women’s and men’s championships in 2008.

“This has been a very focused team and also a loose team in a lot of ways,” said Scott-Thomas. “They have fun a lot of fun when they compete. They go hard, a lot of risk-taking.”

U of G’s Thomas Land was named the Male Performer of the Meet for the second straight year. He won gold medals in the 600m and 1,000m races. More information.

Other medal winners:


  • Morgan Byng, Shyvonne Roxborough, Tessa Hamilton, Jenna Smith, women’s 4x200m relay
  • Sarah Hammond, women’s 60m hurdles
  • Levi Fritz, Mostafa Elkurdy, Joshua Kellier, Andrew LeBlanc, men’s 4x800m relay
  • Maja Naruszewicz, women’s high jump
  • Shyvonne Roxborough, women’s 60m


  • Jordan Bates, women’s triple jump
  • Sean Cate, men’s high jump
  • Mark Emode, heptathlon
  • Tessa Hamilton, women’s 300m
  • Sadie-Jane Hickson, Dana Earhart, Olivia Romaniw, Charlotte Ward, women’s 4x800m relay
  • Kendra Leger, women’s 60m hurdles
  • Thomas Nedow, men’s shot put
  • Zoe Sherar, Morgan Byng, Jenna Smith, Lauren D’Agnolo, women’s 4x400m


  • Mark Bujnowski, men’s shot put
  • Mostafa Elkurdy, men’s 1,500m
  • Andrew LeBlanc, men’s 1,000m
  • Graeme Thompson, men’s 300m
  • Graeme Thompson, Nathan Egert, Kurdell Reason, Sebastian Smith, men’s 4x200m relay