Supporting faculty and staff success is one of U of G’s strategic priorities under our Strategic Plan and we are committed to enabling this success and the holistic well-being of all faculty and staff through the Wellness@Work Program. By design, Wellness@Work integrates evidence-informed workplace health promotion practices along with direct feedback from you, the valued members of our community!

Earlier this year, you were invited to complete the 2024 Wellness@Work Comprehensive Survey – thank you to everyone who took the time to complete this survey and offer your perspective. Through a series of questions, this survey was designed to assess the 13 psychosocial factors identified in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace in addition to collecting feedback on current and future wellness initiatives.

Visit the Wellness@Work website where you can view the full result reports and infographic.

Our high score in “engagement” affirmed that you are proud of the work you do. We’re also proud of the work you do and grateful for your contributions to a place where we improve life – in this case, for ourselves and for one another.

We have much to celebrate. Of those who responded to the survey:

  • 85% scored in the medium or high levels of Flourishing.
  • 75% strongly agreed or agreed that their immediate supervisor appreciates their work and they’re able to talk to them about how they do their work.
  • 78% agreed U of G is supportive of their general health.
  • 70% feel the current benefits meet their health and wellness needs.

These findings are intended to inform decision making that impacts employees to build a culture prioritizing a healthy workplace. A number of opportunities for growth have been identified that we are committed to working together to address.

In addition to organizational findings, departmental and college leaders will be receiving their aggregate quantitative area specific findings to support with local action planning. While supporting local action planning, throughout the summer Wellness@Work will also be working to better understand the findings by hosting focus groups and discussing findings with relevant stakeholders, developing recommendations for organizational action planning by Fall 2024.

If you have questions, comments or ideas after reviewing the survey results and supplemental materials, feel free to reach out to Wellness@Work Advisor Isidora Nežić, at

We appreciate all of you who shared your feedback and continue to do so. Your voice matters and together we can collectively shape the work environment we want for ourselves.

Elaine Do Rosario
Associate Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer