Dr. John Fryxell

U of G researchers harnessing AI technology to accelerate methods for analyzing bulk insect samples were profiled in an article on The Logic. 

The article was part of a series called Canada’s AI Advantage examining how Canadian companies, investors, institutions and workers can gain from the country’s early lead in AI. 

Dr. Graham Taylor, professor in the College of Engineering and Physical Science‘s School of Engineering and Dr. John Fryxell, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology in the College of Biological Science, discussed a project they are working on called BugShot. 

The project uses deep learning, high-definition cameras and computer vision to help identify bugs from bulk samples that would normally have to be sorted by hand. The article noted that BugShot “combines two of the country’s powerhouse projects: the Vector Institute’s AI prowess and the University of Guelph’s massive repository of biodiversity data – including its library of bug shots.”

Taylor said the project is technically challenging but it furthers the “more meaningful” cause of preserving biodiversity.