Building our collective future requires that we all work together to advance our bold vision for the University of Guelph.

We recently invited students, faculty and staff on all three of our campuses to submit nominations and applications to join our new Strategic Transformation Advisory Group. By providing advice and feedback on our Strategic Transformation, this Advisory Group will play an integral role in our transformation journey.

As we embrace change, it is important that key university leaders such as myself have an avenue to hear directly from representatives from across the University community.

Thanks to everyone who applied or nominated a colleague. Engagement in our Strategic Transformation is critical to our success. I thank all of you for your interest in this Advisory Group, and I hope you will continue to stay engaged in modernizing our institution.

Introducing the Strategic Transformation Advisory Group

I am pleased to share that the following University community members have been selected to join the Advisory Group:

Faculty & Librarians

Emmanuelle Arnaud
Leslie Auger
Cris Bravo Monge
Ryan Broll
Dawn Cornelio
Animesh Dutta
Iman El Gamal
Johanna Goertz
Sally Hickson
Tami Martino
Coral Murrant
Eric Nost
Kathryn Preuss
Chris Riley
Melanie Spence-Ariemma
Dan Tulpan


Stacey Bradbury
Samantha Casey
Rome Khamkeua
Pugaleni Iynkaran
Joanne Gervais
Heather Pollock
Liz Snyder
Jordan Terpstra
Shanyce Ward
Louis Zhang


Allison Bishop
Paula Henry Duru
Kurhula Mbetse

Congratulations to each of our new Advisory Group members. I am eager to hear your great ideas and thoughtful feedback.

Our commitment to ongoing communication and engagement

To all members of the University community: I encourage you to continue to send your questions, ideas, and feedback to The Strategic Transformation Office is happy to connect with you and answer your questions.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates on Strategic Transformation via email, the intranet, and the Strategic Transformation website. We are committed to providing the University community with fulsome updates as we continue our collective journey of transformation.

Dr. Charlotte A. B. Yates
President & Vice-Chancellor