Extending the University of Guelph’s global impact, enriching students’ experience and building sustainable communities are among the key priorities in U of G’s new five-year strategic plan.

Released today following extensive campus-wide consultation, Our Time: The University of Guelph’s 2022-27 Strategic Plan outlines the University’s commitment to Indigenization, equity, diversity and inclusion, and stresses the importance of faculty and staff success as well as leveraging the institution’s financial and digital capacity.

President Charlotte Yates
President Charlotte Yates

Referring to the new plan, Dr. Charlotte Yates, president and vice-chancellor, said, “This is a remarkable moment in our shared history, and we are well prepared for it. This is our time to think big, reach further, be daring and seize our full potential.”

Building on U of G’s uniqueness and harnessing the institution’s exceptional track record for enriched student learning and experience, Yates said the new strategic plan marks the beginning of a transformative change at U of G, while also acknowledging the challenges ahead. By remaining focused on the key priorities identified within the plan, the University is taking a long-term approach to success.

“When our students arrive on campus, they realize they’ve found something very unique – a sense of place and a true community,” said Yates. “U of G attracts the curious, the ingenious and the inspired. When our students graduate, we want them to be fully equipped to make the world a better place and to help solve the globe’s most urgent challenges. We will achieve this by acting with ambition, igniting creativity and broadening our collective impact on the local, national and international stage.”

Our Time: U of G’s 2022-27 Strategic Plan identifies six key priorities, as follows:

  • Deepen our global impact – through research and teaching excellence, the strength and breadth of our connections and the success of our graduates.
  • Transform our University through Indigenization and equity, diversity and inclusion – by fostering inclusive excellence within and across communities, founded on the principles of reconciliation and diversity.
  • Advance our distinctive student experience – by building on our deep commitment to the whole student and our promise to Improve Life.
  • Build a sustainable tomorrow – by leading the way in building vibrant, sustainable communities through our signature research, partnerships, teaching and student engagement.
  • Support staff and faculty success – by fostering a fulfilling and rewarding environment for faculty and staff to work independently and collaboratively in advancing our collective goals.
  • Leverage our financial and digital capacity – by driving innovation and institutional creativity that will help us to build a solid and sustainable foundation that will support U of G into the future.

Development of the latest strategic plan began in 2021 and involved more than 30 consultation sessions and 600+ digital survey responses from across U of G’s three campuses.

“It is the voices of our students, our faculty and our staff that make our new strategic plan distinct,” said Yates. “They will propel us forward as we build on the best of our history and welcome new ideas and continual evolution. It will be their ideas, their contributions and their passions that will bring this plan to life in our community and around the world.”

The 2022-27 strategic plan was approved by Senate and the Board of Governors in fall 2022. The plan is now being shared with the broader community and all U of G stakeholders.

Yates said the new strategic plan will help U of G deliver on its core mission to Improve Life while navigating challenges, prioritizing resources and aligning focus.

“The future holds many great things for U of G,” she said. “We are all inspired. We are all ready. This is our time.” 


Kimberly Moser