Dr. Scott Weese wears a lab coat and smiles
Dr. Scott Weese

Dr. Scott Weese, veterinary infectious disease specialist in the Ontario Veterinary College, spoke to several news outlets about avian flu, after a pet dog died of the illness in Ontario. 

Speaking to Global News, Weese said the risk of pets becoming infected with bird flu is low but owners should remain vigilant that their animal does not come into contact with infected or dead birds.  Weese shared the same message earlier on Global News Morning.

In an interview with CBC News, Weese said the spring bird migration gives avian flu “more opportunity for transmission.” 

Weese also spoke with CTV National News about what pet owners should know about the illness. 

Weese is a professor in the Department of Pathobiology, the chief of infection control at OVC, and the director of the Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses (CPHAZ).