Bearded man wearing purple braided necklace
Dr. Ryan Norris

Ecologist Dr. Ryan Norris conducted several interviews to discuss the recent designation of monarch butterflies as an endangered species.

Norries appeared on several CBC Radio morning programs, including CBC Windsor Morning. He also spoke with CTV Barrie and The Evan Solomon Show on iHeart Radio.

Norris noted that the designation is a good thing in that it will bring attention to the state of monarchs in North America. 

“Ultimately, it has no teeth, though, when it comes to changes that need to happen at the federal or provincial level” regarding the regulation of pesticides that hurt the butterfly and ongoing habitat loss, he said. 

A professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, Norris has researcher monarch butterflies for 14 years, along with the  behaviour, conservation and evolution of other migratory birds and insects.