As of Sept. 22, anyone intending to access restaurants and athletics facilities on the University of Guelph campus will be required to show their vaccination receipt and photo ID.

This requirement aligns with the new provincial requirement for Ontarians to show proof of vaccination status to access certain high-risk indoor spaces.

Although all faculty, staff and students who are accessing U of G buildings will have submitted their proof of vaccination through the U of G Vaccination Proof and Exemption system, they will still be required to show vaccination receipts and photo ID to enter restaurants and athletics facilities on campus.

Those who received an approved exemption will have received an email from the University and will have to show that email along with photo ID at the door.

This new requirement applies to the following campus locations:

• Brass Taps
• Bullring
• Lookout
• Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre, Field House and Gryphons Centre Arena – including spectators at games.

This new requirement does not apply to residence dining halls, Creelman Hall or Alumni Stadium.

Anyone coming to campus must also complete the University COVID-19 screening form before arriving.

Visit Gryphons Athletics for more information on requirements for accessing athletics facilities.

Visit the University’s COVID-19 page for more information on requirements for accessing buildings on campus.