Dr. Robert Hanner

Dr. Robert Hanner, Department of Integrative Biology, is featured in a Postmedia news story about mislabelled fish and seafood fraud. The story appeared on Aug. 5 in the Montreal Gazette and over 25 other publications across Canada.

Hanner runs U of G’s Hanner Lab, which generated the DNA testing data for Oceana Canada’s Seafood Fraud in Canada: 2021 Testing Results Report. According to the report,  nearly half of all seafood we buy in grocery stores or restaurants is not what it claims to be.

Oceana Canada enlisted Hanner to test seafood samples from restaurants and grocery stores in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, and found that 46 per cent were mislabelled. Hanner and his team specialize in using genetic methods to identify species. Hanner has spent over a decade studying seafood fraud.