Global News Radio Speaks With U of G Cannabis Expert

Man with glasses in indoor U of G setting

Prof. Andrew Hathaway

Prof. Andrew Hathaway, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, spoke to Global News Radio’s 640 Toronto with Jeff McArthur, about the new cannabis edibles and vaping products that are now available in Ontario Cannabis Stores.

Hathaway is an expert in the cannabis market and Canada drug policy. He told the program he’s skeptical that legal cannabis edibles will fully displace the illegal market.

He said it’s likely there will be a lot of uptake on edibles early on because of the novelty factor, but it remains to be seen whether these products will remain popular in Ontario Cannabis Stores. And, while there was hope that cannabis vaping products would be popular, recent reports about vaping injuries are likely to hurt that segment of the market, he said.

Hathaway has studied cannabis use in mainstream and marginalized populations for more than a decade. He studies Canadian drug policy and social policy development.