Prof. Tami Martino

Prof. Tami Martino’s latest research on disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm and its connection to heart disease has attracted the attention of international media, with stories in CBCNews, YahooNewsMedical Xpress, ScienceNewsline and The Economic Times in India. Most recently Martino was interviewed on CBC Kitchener-Waterloo.


Published recently in Cardiovascular Research, the study reveals the biological reason that women have a heart health advantage over men. The biomedical sciences professor discovered that the interplay between female ovarian hormones and a circadian “clock” molecule protects the heart health of women until they reach menopause. This is the first study  to demonstrate a link among female ovarian hormones, the circadian system that regulates the body’s day-night cycle, and the observation that women enjoy significant protection against heart disease when compared to men. These findings could help prevent heart disease as we age.