Check out these social media superstars from the University community for interesting ideas and creative content. They’re three accounts well worth following this month.

Angi.RobertsThe New High School Hallway – Social media maven Angi Roberts uses her blog The New High School Hallway to talk about how we communicate online and, more importantly, how to do it safely. Angi’s blog is of interest to anyone with a social media presence, but particularly young adults and parents of tweens and teens. Angi knows what she’s talking about; as mother to a tween and teen of her own and as information service manager for Admissions Services, she’s communicating with that demographic 24/7 (teen-speak for “all the time”).


CECS logo#UofGSummerJobSelfie – Employing a U of G co-op student this summer? Co-operative Education and Career Services is encouraging students to take on-the-job selfies in their workplace and tweet them using #UofGSummerJobSelfie. Randomly selected monthly winners receive Hospitality Services gift cards. Tell your department’s co-op students about the contest and you’ll be the “cool boss.” While you’re at it, get them to introduce you to Snap Chat.


Food Day Canada@FoodDayCanada – U of G’s food laureate, Anita Stewart, and her crew take to social media all year long, but particularly toward the end of July to celebrate Food Day Canada. On July 30, restaurants and home gourmands will celebrate all the delectable edibles Canada has to offer by creating dishes that use only Canadian ingredients. Hope you’re hungry, because the @FoodDayCanada Twitter feed is sure to inspire you. Learn more about the event at