Dear U of G students, faculty and staff,

I want to provide you with a brief update on the encampment at Branion Plaza before we head into the weekend.

First, I want to acknowledge that these past several months have been an incredibly challenging, stressful and emotional time for many members of our community. Since October 7, we have been witnessing a humanitarian crisis at a scale that is difficult to even comprehend. I have heard personally from individual students and groups who are grappling with an immense level of pain. We are continuing to meet with student representatives and community leaders to foster an understanding of their experiences and to ensure open dialogue.

We are in dialogue with the group who has indicated they are leading the encampment to arrange a meeting and begin discussions towards a peaceful resolution. As I wrote to you early this week, the University previously received a petition from this group requesting divestment in accordance with our Special Action Policy. We are committed to following the process outlined in our policy, which is well underway. 

U of G is intent on upholding the principles of free speech and peaceful protest. However, this commitment is grounded in the expectation that such freedoms and rights are exercised in a manner which is safe, peaceful, and in compliance with Ontario laws and University policies. Our Campus Safety Office continues to monitor the situation, and has provided encampment participants with information that outlines the activities and items that are prohibited while on U of G campus.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenging times. We will continue to provide updates as necessary. I also want to remind you of the resources below that are available to our community members.

Students support: 

Faculty and staff support: 

Kind regards,

Charlotte Yates

President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Guelph