A Message from the VP, Finance and Operations

As part of our annual review process, the University of Guelph and Sun Life have finalized Group Benefit premium rates for the policy year starting May 1, 2024. From this review and aligned with insurance practices, it was determined that monthly premium rates will increase across the various group benefit packages that faculty and staff hold and we have outlined what those changes will look like, below.

Extended Health Care (EHC) and Dental

The EHC premiums for regular full‐time and temporary full‐time employees are 100% funded by the University. Dental premiums are 80% funded by the University and 20% funded by employees. Part‐time employees contribute a percentage of the EHC/Dental premiums depending on the full‐time equivalency of their University appointment(s).

Effective May 1, EHC and Dental monthly premiums (inclusive of RST) will be increasing due to increased usage along with inflationary costs.

Below is a summary of the monthly premium increases and total monthly premium rates for Regular Full Time staff.

Premium Type Coverage Type RFT Employee Impact Employer Impact
Dental Single $2.79 Increase to $12.86/month $11.16 Increase to $51.46/month
Family $9.61 Increase to $44.31/month $38.46 Increase to $177.26/month
EHC Single N/A for RFT, 100% U of G Funded $29.54 Increase to $177.25/month
Family $71.55 Increase to $429.31/month


Long Term Disability (LTD)

LTD premiums are 2/3 funded by the University and 1/3 by employees; Effective May 1, 2024, the total of the University and employee monthly premium rates for regular full‐time employees will increase to $5.02 per $100 of benefit.  For temporary full‐time and part‐time employees’ premium rates will increase to $2.69 per $100 of benefit. The increase is attributable to higher and more costly LTD claims.

Life Insurance

Life insurance premiums are 2/3 funded by the University and 1/3 by employees. The total University and employee monthly premium rate for regular full‐time staff will be maintained at $0.17 per $1000 of benefit.

Please refer to your bi‐weekly electronic pay notice available on the Employee SelfService Portal to confirm the amount of your premium deductions.

Ensuring that our faculty and staff members have access to quality group benefits is a priority. If you have any questions, please contact our office at hr@uoguelph.ca.

Thank you,

Sharmilla Rasheed
Vice-President, Finance & Operations