Dr. Tim Dewhirst poses for a headshot against a blue-grey backdrop.
Dr. Timothy Dewhirst

Dr. Timothy Dewhirst, professor in the Department of Management and Consumer Studies, co-wrote a piece for the Seattle Times examining how the Major League Baseball season could end differently if team stats were calculated in a different fashion.

On the heels of the Texas Rangers winning the 2023 World Series, Dewhirst and co-writer Adam Metzler pose the question: Are the right teams qualifying for the playoffs when extra-inning games are played with different rules?

“Seattle fans would have witnessed playoff baseball again this year,” they write. “The Diamondbacks, meanwhile, would not have competed in the World Series.”

Dewhirst, professor in the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, is a senior research fellow in marketing and public policy. His work focuses on brand strategy, business ethics, marketing and public policy, marketing communication and advertising, and sports and entertainment marketing.