The University of Guelph is a GREAT place to work!  GREAT in part because we are shining a spotlight on the importance of Gratitude, Recognition, and Employee Appreciation Together in our workplace.

GREAT at U of G is an initiative designed to foster gratitude, recognition and appreciation for all faculty and staff at the University.  We are inspired by a shared vision of a positive and inclusive work environment that acknowledges the immeasurable contributions of our faculty and staff.  Research has consistently indicated that practices of gratitude, recognition, and appreciation in organizations can have a significant impact on employee wellness, retention, and engagement.

Our objectives are to educate our community on why and how to practice gratitude, recognition and appreciation, to facilitate those practices through the provision of easy-to-use tools, ideas and platforms, and to connect our U of G community to each other to share great ideas and inspiration.

To support these objectives, several recognition and appreciation programs have been refreshed to optimize impact.

Refreshed GREAT at U of G Programs for Staff and Faculty include:

  • “G” Thanks!: Nominate a colleague or leader for the monthly prize!
  • Gryph Post: Send a quick note of recognition or appreciation to a colleague or leader.
  • Custom Kudos for Teams: Use Kudoboard to create customized recognition and celebration experiences within your departments, colleges, and teams.
  • GREAT “Action” Hub: Explore community initiatives, access tools, and find creative ways to enhance your recognition and appreciation practices.

To learn more about the GREAT program and how you can use it, check out the GREAT at U of G site.