Anti-LGBTQ2IA+ protests and anti-hate counter protests are happening today across the country, including the City of Guelph.   

I know that many of our queer, transgender and gender-diverse students, faculty and staff are experiencing fear and anger about these transphobic and homophobic demonstrations. We share these very real concerns and want to make it clear that we stand with students, faculty and staff of all genders, gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations.  

Hatred and discrimination have no place in our community, and U of G unequivocally denounces any actions that perpetuate them. To our queer and transgender community: we offer our unwavering support and remain committed to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion to ensure our campuses and classrooms are safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for you.

I also want to remind you of the enhanced safety measures and training we have put in place to help ensure this holds true.   

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion grounds us and guides our actions. Our university community thrives because we recognize, respect, and value differences and belonging. We are grateful for all the contributions that come from our LGBTQ2IA+ students, faculty and staff. The University is a better place because of you.  

U of G has a pivotal role to play in combating ignorance, hate and discrimination by providing a platform for meaningful discourse and an environment where knowledge, understanding, and empathy can flourish.   

Together, we must continue our efforts to dismantle systemic oppression and promote education, awareness, and dialogue that lead to lasting change.  

For those who may need them, U of G has resources available to students, faculty and staff.  


Faculty and staff:    


Dr. Charlotte Yates
President and Vice Chancellor