Dr. Mike von Massow poses for a headshot in front of a shelf of potato chips and goldfish at a grocery store.
Dr. Mike von Massow

Several media outlets have sought the expertise of Ontario Agricultural College food economist Dr. Mike von Massow about ongoing high food prices amid falling inflation.

Von Massow contributed a commentary to The Conversation Canada that discussed the Competition Bureau’s recent report on grocery consolidation and its potential effect on food prices. 

“The reality is that there isn’t a single cause for food price increases in Canada; there are a combination of factors that affect different food categories,” he wrote. 

He echoed those thoughts in recent interviews with BNN Bloomberg, CP24, 980 CKNW and 640 AM Toronto

Von Massow also spoke about the impact of India banning rice exports with CBC News and the Toronto Star

Following the release of Metro’s quarterly earnings report, von Massow returned to BNN Bloomberg to discuss the company’s striking employees and the grocery industry at large. He also spoke to the Canadian Press about contextualizing year-over-year increase of food prices. 

A professor in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, von Massow researches retail and restaurant food demand, supply chain management, and value chain structure and performance.