Dr. Rebecca Shapiro poses for a photo in front a stone building with white pillars and a green climbing plant
Dr. Rebecca Shapiro

Dr. Rebecca Shapiro, professor in the College of Biological Science, spoke to several news outlets about the hit TV show “The Last of Us” and whether the fungal-caused pandemic described in the show could happen in real life. 

Speaking to CBC News, Shapiro said she believes the series does a good job of realistically depicting the fungus Cordyceps and how it behaves, but noted the fungus is not adapted to infect humans and thus could not cause a human pandemic. 

Shapiro appeared on CTV Kitchener Quick Fix at 5 to discuss “The Last of Us” and the fungus, and an article appeared on the CTV website. 

The Guelph Mercury Tribune and Global News also featured Shapiro’s expertise. 

A professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Shapiro studies microbial fungal pathogens and methods to stop infections.