Dr. T. Ryan Gregory, an evolutionary biologist in the College of Biological Science, lent his thoughts to several publications on the new Omicron variant, XBB.1.5. 

Dr. Ryan Gregory

Gregory discussed the Kraken nickname with CNN, The Atlantic, and Al Jazeera.

He also spoke with The Canadian Press and National Post, with articles appearing in several publications across Canada. 

Speaking to Fortune magazine, Gregory discussed whether to use the term “Omicron” or “XBB.1.5” to describe new COVID variants, or to use nicknames such as Kraken. A second article by Fortune made reference to Gregory’s use of nicknames for variants.  

His thoughts were also featured in NBC News Chicago, Sky News, the Financial Times, and CTV News Kitchener.  

Gregory further discussed the Kraken nickname with the National Post, in an article that appeared in several publications across Canada, as well as The Tyee. 

A professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, Gregory researches large-scale genome evolution and integrative genomics and evolutionary biology.