Dr. Nita Chhinzer smiles for a portrait in an outdoor setting.
Dr. Nita Chhinzer

Dr. Nita Chhinzer, a human resources professor in the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, discussed Ontario’s right-to-disconnect policy, the challenges of the return to the office, and workplace dynamics with CBC News.  

With CBC Business, Chhziner noted that some employers are struggling to meet the different needs of employees about whether to return to the office full time. 

“The challenge for employers today is: How do they provide that flexibility but still create an environment where they can bring people together and kind of recreate the pulse of the workplace?” Chhinzer said. 

She offered further thoughts in an interview with CBC’s Canada Tonight.  

With CBC Toronto, Chhinzer discussed the benefits of Ontario’s new right-to-disconnect legislation but noted that some companies already violating employment laws are unlikely to follow the new policy and instead will “lead by a culture of fear.” 

Chhinzer gave advice to CBC Saskatchewan on the measures managers should take to eliminate stigma around vaccination status and on how to “address the elephant in the room” when bringing employees back to office. 

A professor in the Department of Management, Chhinzer’s research focuses on strategic human resources management and includes procedures and ethics.