Dr. Evan Fraser headshot, standing outside with tree behind him
Dr. Evan Fraser

Dr. Evan Fraser, the director of the Arrell Food Institute, spoke to two national news outlets to discuss fertilizer shortages and meat alternatives.  

Speaking to the Toronto Star, Fraser discussed the environmental footprint of producing plant-based meat alternatives and the improvements to the technology that are needed to produce more sustainable options.

Fraser also commented on the effects of fertilizer shortages on the Canadian and global food supply with CBC’s The Current, He said several factors – like the Russia-Ukraine war and weather – are contributing to the “perfect storm” behind the fertilizer shortages and price increases. He added that without aid, some global regions will be “crushed” by the shortages.   

As well as a professor in the Department of Geography, Environment & Geomatics, Fraser is the Canada Research Chair in Global Food Security and studies food security, food prices, rural agricultural policy and how each is affected by climate change.