U of G Researchers Awarded Funding for Humanities, Social Science Projects


Eleven University of Guelph research projects in the humanities and social sciences will receive nearly $600,000 in federal funding.

The funding comes from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Development Insight Grants program aimed at supporting long-term research initiatives that address complex issues involving people and societies.

“As a leading comprehensive, research-intensive university, University of Guelph continues to advance and apply knowledge across a remarkable array of disciplines so as to improve lives in a vast manner of ways,” said Malcolm Campbell, vice-president (research). “These projects, generously supported by SSHRC, will explore timely and important subjects that range from private refugee sponsorship to new retail food shopping to sustainable fisheries, underscoring the incredble breadth, strength, and positive impact of University of Guelph researchers in the humanities and social sciences.”

The grants awarded to U of G researchers is part of total investment of $32 million to some 1,045 researchers from 69 Canadian institutions.

“The Government of Canada continues to invest in research locally through tri-council agencies, to understand the important context of societal changes on all of us, including marginalized people in Canada and around the world,” said Lloyd Longfield, MP for Guelph. “Researchers play a key role in helping us to understand our place in the world around us.”

With this new federal funding, U of G researchers will study varied topics:

  • Prof. Ryan Briggs, Department of Political Science, $63,901: how private refugee sponsorship impacts sponsors and their friends
  • Prof. Kim Martin, Department of History, $74,712: Serendipity, Context and Agency in Linked Environments
  • Kaytlin Bailey, Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition (FRAN), $58,040: Revisioning Fitness Through Non-Normative Embodiment
  • Chelsea Jones, FRAN, $52,628: Troubling Vocalities: Disability and Deaf Art on the Canadian Prairies
  • Prof. Davar Rezania, Department of Management, $67,120: Discourse Analysis of Talent Management in Canadian SMEs
  • Prof. Jennifer Silver, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics (GEG), $43,650: Access and equity: Strengthening the foundations for sustainable fisheries and prosperous coastal communities
  • Prof. Steffi Hamann, Department of Political Science, $29,497: Open for Business? A Comparative Analysis of Investment Promotion in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Prof. Saara Liinamaa, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, $52,554: Actors, Performance Work and Cultural Labour Studies in Canada
  • Prof. Eric Nost, GEG, $39,927: Digital Conservation Practices and Perspectives: Insights from North America
  • Prof. Anna Stanley, GEG, $69,012: Infrastructure, private investment and the political economy of settler colonialism in Canada
  • Kimberly Thomas-Francois, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, $44,869: New Retail Food Shopping – Impacts on Canadian Food Retailing and Consumers