U of G Has Experts on Canada’s New Food Guide

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A new version of Canada’s Food Guide is set to be released Tuesday. The first federal food guide was released in 1942. There have been several revisions since then, with the most recent coming in 2007.

University of Guelph Profs. Simon Somogyi, Jess Haines and David Ma are experts on the Canada’s Food Guide and are available to speak to media.

Somogyi can speak to the agribusiness aspects of the food guide. He is the Arrell Chair in the Business of Food in the School of Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management and a professor in the College of Business and Economics, co-authored Canada’s 2019 Food Price Report. He has expertise in agribusiness and specifically in the area of agri-food value chains, food business sustainability and international market development.

Haines can speak on the nutritional aspects of the food guide. She is a professor in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition. Her research is focused on prevention of weight-related disorders among children and adolescents, specfically on community and family-based interventions aimed at promoting healthful behaviours among preschool children.

Ma can speak to the nutritional aspects as well as the alcohol consumption in relation to the food guide. He is a University Leadership Research Chair. His research focuses on nutrition and cancer.

Our experts contributed their insights to dozens of articles related to the new guide upon its release on Jan. 23, including CBC News, Associated Press, National Post, Ottawa Citizen and Winnipeg Free Press.

Prof. Simon Somogyi

Prof. Jess Haines

Prof. David Ma