Business Prof Shares Insights on How to Feel More Accomplished

head shot of Prof. Jamie Gruman

Prof. Jamie Gruman

Be kind to yourself, ask for feedback and make note of your accomplishments.

Those are some of the tips Prof. Jamie Gruman, College of Business and Economics, shared in a article that looks at how we can feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Gruman, a professor of organizational behaviour in the Department of Management, is the co-author of Boost: The Science of Recharging Yourself in an Age of Unrelenting Demands.

In the article, Gruman said if our goals are too big to accomplish in one day, we can feel a lack of accomplishment for not crossing items off the to-do list. But by breaking goals down into sub-goals and working through them, we can feel that progress is being made.

He studies positive organizational behaviour and the impact of resilience, hope and optimism.