headshot of Prof. Merritt Turetsky
Prof. Merritt Turetsky

U of G Prof. Merritt Turetsky appeared on CBC’s Ontario Morning on Aug. 9 talking about this summer’s rash of wildfires in Ontario and their impact on the environment.

The CBC segment followed Aug. 7 Globe and Mail and CTV stories featuring interviews with Turetsky.

Previously, she shared her expertise on wildfires on USA Today, CTV’s Your Morning, CP24 Breakfast and CTV News Channel and Yahoo! News Canada.

Turetsky says intense wildfires will likely become common in summer due to climate change and the accompanying dry spells and heat waves.

An ecosystem ecologist, Turetsky investigates the impact of climate change on the Canadian landscape, including the incidence of wildfires. As the holder of the Canada Research Chair in Integrative Ecology, she studies plant ecology, biogeochemistry and global change. She looks at how interactions between biological communities and nutrient cycling control the quality of soils and water as well as atmospheric emissions to affect the climate system.

Turetsky is available for media interviews.


Prof. Merritt Turetsky