The City of Guelph has made the corner of Gordon St. and Stone Rd. a protected intersection to help cyclists turn left safely. The new configuration lets people on bikes turn left without having to change lanes or merge with traffic.

The new crossride markings involve two-stage left turns, so people biking cross two roads in order to turn left. Cyclists follow the square green path counter-clockwise to end up at the street they want to travel down.An illustration of the crossride at Gordon St. and Stone Rd.

The City has provided the following information on how the new intersection works.

When cycling through the intersection, follow three steps:

  1. Go straight across the intersection using the green crossride
  2. Wait in the designated bike space at the corner
  3. Continue across the road towards the bike lane, exiting the green crossride to complete your left turn

When driving:

  • No changes are required, the protected intersection functions in the same way as all other intersections throughout the City.
  • Vehicles turning right must check blind spots, and yield the right of way to people walking and cycling.
  • The sign shown in the image reminds you to check for and yield to people on bikes, before turning right.

Visit the City of Guelph’s page on Protected Intersections to learn more about how to use the new crossing properly.