We get by with some help from our (little) friends.

While you’re studying on campus for exams, keep an eye out for a troupe of pint-sized well-wishers. Groups of children from U of G’s Child Care and Learning Centre – the on-campus daycare – are visiting study spots on campus to hand out “cards of caring” to students.

The three- and four-year-olds decorated the cards, and are crossing campus this week to spread encouragement.Student holding Card of Caring from Child Care and Learning Centre

The front of the card reads: “Good luck in your final exams! Love from your friends at the Child Care and Learning Centre.” Printed on the reverse is information from the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre (UAIC) on services available to students, including academic advice and support, counselling services and mental health resources.

Students in the McLaughlin Library appreciated the visits and act of kindness.

“I think it’s just amazing,” said Kylie Vuu. “It definitely helps with de-stressing to have these kids give you something like this.”

Valerie Trew, director of the Child Care and Learning Centre, said the card campaign is based on the Bucket Filling concept, a broader initiative that encourages young people to make a difference for others through acts of kindness and caring.

“It is a stressful time, and with the focus on mental health and wellness right now, it is just very timely,” Trew said. “Children always put smiles on people’s faces when they’re walking around campus. And last year it really surprised and delighted students to be approached by the children and have one of these special cards handed to them.”

Students holding Card of Caring from Child Care and Learning Centre

“The children definitely understand the significance of it,” Trew added. “We’ve had a focus lately on acts of kindness leading up to this. It dovetails really nicely in terms of filling people’s buckets and putting smiles on their faces.”

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