Over the next few months, fire safety inspections will take place in all 173 buildings on Guelph campus. The inspections will identify hazards that need to be fixed to bring U of G in line with the Ontario Fire Code and will help ensure a safe workplace.

The University of Guelph Fire Safety Division and the City of Guelph Fire Prevention Office will conduct the inspections throughout the summer and into the fall.

You can take steps now to make your work area safer:

  • Keep all exits clear of obstructions. This includes all exit doors, hallways leading to the exit and areas in between.
  • Keep fire doors (any exit marked with a “fire door” sticker or a door with a self-closing device) closed and free of blocks or wedges.
  • Use extension cords only for temporary power, not as a solution to permanent wiring.
  • Follow the ratings and manufacturer’s guidelines on power bars – do not overload or use in unsafe locations (e.g. around water, where they can be tripped over, etc.).

Thank you for helping improve fire safety on campus.

Fire door sticker
Sign marking a fire door
Self-closing door
Self-closing device on a fire door