Today’s planned meeting of the University of Guelph’s Board of Governors will be rescheduled due to a disruption by student protesters. A new date for later this month is forthcoming.

B of G had previously moved the meeting to April 16 to enable students to attend before the end of examinations. The meeting — which was to include a discussion about the University’s operating budget – was also relocated to Rozanski Hall in order to accommodate students and guests.

Before today’s meeting started, about 20 students began reading prepared messages aloud and chanting.

B of G chair Dick Freeborough allowed the students to continue their protest for more than 30 minutes before adjourning the Board.

“We were accommodating the students, allowing them to finish their statements, and encouraging them to remain in the meeting. Unfortunately, the disruption continued, making it impossible for the meeting to proceed. It’s disappointing,” he said.

Freeborough added that the University provided numerous opportunities for U of G community members, including students, to share their concerns and ask questions about the budget before today. This included holding town hall meetings and sessions with student leaders.

“It’s regrettable that the students did not take this opportunity to engage in a respectful and open discussion with the Board,” he said.

“The University remains committed to working with students in an effort to ensure accessibility and sustainability.”