U of G “Horse” Poster Framed for United Way

United Way co-chair Kimberly Best likes the 33-year-old faded poster that hangs over her desk in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. She inherited the iconic U of G “horse” poster when she started working in the department in 1985.

“A lot of people comment on it,” she says. “Some of the vets say the legs on the white horse don’t look right, but most people seem to appreciate the wildness of the picture.” It depicts a Hanovarian stallion, like the one on U of G’s official crest, and a winged Pegasus, the symbol of poetic inspiration.

“A lot of new visitors to our department will start their conversation with ‘I remember that poster.’”

Best hopes they will not only remember but will want to own a copy of the poster. Hers isn’t for sale, but an original poster found in pristine condition has been framed for a special event to benefit the University’s United Way campaign.

“We think it’s a great prize you could win for only a $3 donation, and it commemorates the University’s 50th-anniversary year,” she says.”

U of G introduced the recruitment poster in 1981. It depicts an original painting by Canadian artist Heather Cooper that still hangs in the University of Guelph Library; the painting is currently located in the Archival and Special Collections reading room.

The horse poster was such a hit with prospective students that it remained on U of G recruitment material for six years. Thousands of copies were claimed by then-students, now-alumni, as well as University staff and faculty. Only one will be claimed at the Dec. 22 United Way draw, says Best. Barber Gallery in Guelph did the framing as a donation to the University’s fundraising effort.

Kim Best with a newly framed U of G poster from the early 1980s.

Kim Best with a newly framed U of G poster from the early 1980s.

Best says anyone who donates $3 will get one chance to win the poster; donate $5 for two draw tickets. Look for the poster on display at upcoming United Way events, or visit one of these office locations:

OVCE Rm 2633: Kim Best – kbestb@uoguelph.ca

One Stone Rd., 2 NW: Rich Moccia – rmoccia@uoguelph.ca – 519-826-3800

Macdonald Institute Rm 111: Maria D’Ulisse – mdulisse@uoguelph.ca

Alumni House: Alumni Affairs and Development

UC Level 4 West: Communications and Public Affairs