Prof. Byron Sheldrick, Political Science, was interviewed by CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning on Aug. 21 about a proposal to change provincial boundaries. A town in Quebec, Blanc Sablon, is looking to become part of Newfoundland and Labrador. Sheldrick discussed the hurdles such a proposal would face. He noted that a municipality could not actually do it on its own and that it would require an amendment to the constitution. Sheldrick studies Canadian politics and administrative law.

Prof. Sylvain Charlebois, College of Business and Economics, was interviewed by for two stories. In one from Aug. 20, Charlebois discussed the sale by McCain Foods of its frozen pizza business. He noted that it can be difficult for a company to control costs with frozen pizzas, when ingredients have to come from a range of sources. In the second story from Aug. 21, he discussed new labels for mechanically tenderized beef. Charlebois also was interviewed by various CBC Radio stations across the country on Aug. 21, including Vancouver’s On the Coast (the interview begins at the 30:46 mark).

Prof. Bruce McAdams, Hospitality, Food & Tourism Management, discussed tipping with CBC Radio’s alberta@noon on Aug. 21. McAdams took calls from listeners and discussed the issues people face when deciding whether to tip and how much. McAdams said people have a range of issues, including whether to tip before or after tax, to tip for take-out meals, and if having gratuities built into the cost of the meal is a worthwhile concept. (The interview begins at the 21:23 mark.)

Randy Duffy, a research associate at the Ridgetown Campus, was interviewed on Aug. 18 by the Globe and Mail about pork prices and expectations for them in the future. Duffy noted that pork prices increased in the summer, and even though pork futures have gone down recently, consumers may not see lower prices for some time. He said the fall is typically a time when pork is cheaper, but retailers may look to keep prices stable.

Prof. Adam Sneyd, Political Science, wrote an op-ed column for Think Africa Press on Aug. 18 in which he discussed the potential for increased investment in Africa. Sneyd called for increased disbursement from the newly-created BRICS New Development Bank in developing corporations to support the public provision of education, electricity, healthcare, museums, parks, and water services. Sneyd also suggested that African leaders consider the work of noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith, a U of G alumnus, when developing plans.

The University of Guelph-Humber was featured in an Aug. 21 article on The article noted that application rates for the innovative university have climbed, and that the school’s unique model is attractive to many students. The article adds that programs at Guelph-Humber are each career-focused and come with work experiences to boost the chances of finding employment after finishing school. It suggests that the Ontario government should examine expanding Guelph-Humber and investing in similar academic models.