Got a Pet Tale for OVC?


Got a story about your pet? To mark its 150th anniversary in 2010, the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) will publish a book of poems, stories, essays and remembrances about how companion animals enrich our lives and imaginations, as well as about veterinary professionals.

The book will be distributed annually to graduating veterinary students in Ontario and be available to veterinarians, animal lovers and universities across North America. Sections will include animal companionship, life stages, scenes from the vet clinic, how animals inspire imagination, becoming a veterinarian, and children’s stories and poems.

The book will be edited by OVC dean Elizabeth Stone and poet Hilde Weisert, co-founders of the Society for Veterinary Medicine and Literature.

Submissions should be up to three pages or 750 words and will be selected by a panel of writers and veterinary educators. Submission deadline is Dec. 15.

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