Keeping up with changes in learning technology can be challenging, but Teaching Support Services (TSS) plans to tackle the challenge in a unique way when it hosts “The EdTech Un-Conference” Feb. 17 during Reading Week.

The event aims to bring U of G faculty and instructional staff together to share information on how they’re using educational technology in their teaching, to learn from one another and to look at future possibilities.

The un-conference will include some prearranged presentations but will also feature a large degree of self-organization by participants. Part of the program will be based on what activities people are interested in and what demonstrations they’re willing to provide.

The day will kick off with a live chat connecting experts at three locations in North America. This will be followed by demonstrations, break-out sessions, hands-on experiences and discussions.

The un-conference runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with opening and wrap-up sessions in Room 106 of Rozanski Hall. To register, visit the TSS website at If you have questions, call Richard Gorrie at Ext. 53731 or Kyle Mackie at Ext. 52936.