(Kiana Gibson voice over is heard. Footage of her walking and working in a commercial kitchen)

Change happens at a community level, small people put in small efforts. And those efforts add up to something big.

Black screen with white text reads, “Kiana and David started a MealCare chapter at U of G to help boost donation efforts. and began reaching out to kitchens for donations.”

(Kiana speaks to camera. Cut to footage of Chef Vijay working in the kitchen. )

One of our first big “yeses” was from Chef Vijay, and he was one of our really great supporters.

Black screen with white text reads, “They began to expand.”

(Erin Smith speaks to camera, she is sitting in a lecture hall. Cut to footage of people carrying boxes and trays of food and loading these onto a truck.)

The very first time that I heard about MealCare was actually in this room, David and Kiana went up to the front of the entire lecture, which was over 400 students, and gave the most inspiring speech that I’ve ever heard about how passionate they are to reduce food insecurity.

Black screen with white text reads, “MealCare Guelph grew into a CSA registered club with 20 volunteers.”

(Kiana voice over footage of her speaking cut between montages of food and volunteers handling food.)

Food Security, if you think of the actual definition is like safe, affordable, accessible, culturally appropriate and just some of the things we’re able to donate like, we have vegetarian options and gluten free.

(David speaks to camera.)

it’s not food waste or leftover. It’s good food, nutritious food that can really make a difference in someone’s life.