[Background music playing. Video shows aerial footage of University of Guelph campus]

[Text on screen: “Sustainability: Our Shared Story”]

[Footage of various areas of the campus]

Announcer: At the University of Guelph, sustainability is an expression of our mission to Improve Life. For us, sustainability is about stewarding our valued resources – our people, our campus and our planet – in order to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

At U of G, sustainability truly is a part of our shared story.

On our physical campus, promoting sustainability means everything from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to building a circular food system. It is also about using the University as a living laboratory to incubate the big, bold and bright ideas that generate new knowledge to improve life locally, and around the world.

Our faculty are at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. U of G has 250 faculty engaged in sustainability-related research. Our students can also enroll in over 500 sustainability-focused courses.

Through grassroots mobilization, community engagement, research and experiential learning, our students are at the forefront leading change both on and off campus. Their work has inspired and motivated changes that advance sustainability at the University, in local communities and internationally.

Because at the University of Guelph, sustainability is part of who we are – for all who choose to study here, explore here, teach here and work here, sustainability is part of our shared story.