U of G #CaringInCovid – What is your why 3

[background music playing]

Text on screen: “We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves and each other safe during COVID-19.”

[Footage showing students walking on the University of Guelph Campus wearing masks, mask and physical distancing signage, hand sanitizer station, person cleaning a machine and elevator buttons.]

Text on screen: “#CaringInCovid. U of G students, faculty and staff: tell us who you’re being safe for!”

[Victoria Huynh, U of G undergraduate student is speaking.] “The reason why I’m staying safe is because I want the University to remain open, especially the residences.”

[Megan Reid, Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball is speaking. Behind her is an image of the women’s basketball team] “This is a gratitude circle before practice this morning where every single one of our student athletes said that they were grateful for the opportunity to train and be together. I hear the same things in the fitness centre. It’s their outlet, it’s their stress relief, they need it, we have to keep this open. I follow COVID safety protocols, and I uphold them so that my student athletes get a chance to train and that the students in the fitness centre get a chance to train and that we can all pursue our best versions of ourselves. What I do matters to them, and what they do matters to me so that I don’t take COVID home to my family. We are truly in this together. Stay strong, stay safe. We will be back.”

[Andrew Papdopoulos, PhD, Professor and Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program is speaking.] “A physical distancing policy is very effective in reducing the rates of COVID infection within our community. However, it is also very effective in increasing the rates of poor mental health, substance misuse, domestic violence and physical inactivity. Do your part. Stay safe and stay healthy. Stay 2 metres apart, wear a mask, and wash your hands as often as possible. Together, our actions with reduce the spread of COVID within our communities but also ensure the optimum health and well-being of our entire population.”

Text on screen: “U of G #CaringInCovid. We’re all in this together! Thank you for doing your part. Learn more about the 10 easy ways you can help keep our community safe at uoguel.ph/CaringInCovid.”