[Aerial rural scene to scenes inside Ontario Dairy Research Centre. Text on screen reads:]

The University of Guelph has been awarded $12 million to lead an international genomics project to revolutionize breeding in the dairy industry.

The four-year project will be the first research collaboration working with novel genetic traits for fertility, health and feed efficiency in dairy cows to produce a national database for farmers to breed better dairy cattle.

University of Guelph is once again partnering with government and industry in leading research that will promote the health of cattle, the environment and the economy, and ultimately improve life.

[Image of Prof. Christine Baes]

“This project can address key challenges that the industry is facing, meet consumer demands, enhance sustainability of dairying and provide a long-term competitive advantage for Canada’s dairy industry.” (Prof. Christine Baes, Canada Research Chain in Livestock Genomics)

University of Guelph. Improve Life.]