[Video begins with blurred image of woman. Text overlay reads “Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.” Text fades and woman talking directly to camera comes into focus.]

Robin Bradley: Hi there. My name is Robin Bradley I’m in a Bachelor of Science in agriculture honors major and I’m from Parry Sound, Ontario.

[Bradley turns to face an interviewer off screen. Upbeat music plays in background]

Bradly: So from coming to the University of Guelph I love the campus. as soon as I walked on and this program kind of fit everything that I was looking for. I liked that it was a little bit of agriculture, a little bit of environmental science, if I wanted to incorporate it, and the program sounds amazing.

I grew up on a small beef farm up in Parry Sound so from a young age I was exposed to agriculture my family used to do maple syrup and we had beef cows so coming from that background I knew that that’s something that I wanted to go into.

One class that I’ve taken is Soil Variability and Land Evaluation and that was a one-week during orientation week, and we went out and did a lot of soil work and soil analysis in the field. We took all of that data and built a soil analysis report that we presented at the end of the semester.

So because I’m interested in soil science, my first-year soil science class taught us the basics of soil classification and soil descriptions and how to take soil samples. So for me, that course was so helpful because I took all of those skills and transfer them to my summer job that I had working for the Ministry of Agriculture.

Over the past couple of summers, I was working with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. There, I was working in the soil department, helping out with field work and lab analysis. And one semester here, I helped out with a professor in his lab as a lab technician.

So in the winter ’18 semester, I went on an exchange to the Netherlands. There, I went to Wageningen University in the town of Wageningen. It was such an amazing experience. I loved having the opportunity to take my studies here overseas and learn from a different school, a different way of teaching, a different style of classes. So I loved that experience so much and took knowledge that I went there and brought it back with me to Canada and the connections I made over there re amazing.

After my undergrad here at the University of Guelph I’ve discovered that I love the research field of agriculture. So to help me continue my career aspirations, I’m going to start my master of environmental science here at the University of Guelph in the fall semester, focusing on soil science.

So my advice for any future Gryphon would be to take advantage of everything the University of Guelph has to offer: the amazing classes, the amazing professors, the amazing resources that are all over campus. I know from my point of view in the agriculture community, we do so many activities together outside of school and that was something that I will have forever those memories.

[U of G logo and Improve Live appear on screen as music fades.]