[President Vaccarino in his home office, speaking to the camera]

“Welcome everyone and I hope you’re all doing well and hanging in there as we continue through this journey of ours together.

I do want to mention that so many of us are thinking about different parts of our communities that have been impacted in different ways.

And I know that so many of us are thinking about our students.

I want to share with you that a little while ago we put out a call to support our students, particularly our students in need and I have to tell you our communities stepped up in a big way.

We had over 250 donors step up to help support those students in need and those donors are made up of our alumni, our staff, our faculty, our retirees and other members of the community, who understood the needs that some of our students have. And their stepping up just means the world, not just to students but to all of us at the University.

I want to, on that note, say a huge huge thank you to all of those who have contributed.

Of course, the needs continue, and we will be looking forward to continuing to support our students as they navigate through not only the uncertainty of their academic journeys, but also, the material challenges that some of our students are having during this time.

Those donations, you should know, have allowed us to create an emergency bursary fund for those in particular need as well as gift cards at our student food bank for student food bank users.

And I am seeing a real difference and I just want you to know that again these are our alumni, our faculty, our staff, our retirees, and other broader members of the community.

A huge thank you to all of you.

This reminds me so much of that theme that is so important to the University of Guelph: connecting communities and supporting each other, and that is what you have done through your incredible generosity, kindness and support.

So, on that note, thank you so very much. All the very, very best to all of you and stay safe and stay well.”