[President Vaccarino from home office speaking to the camera]

“Welcome, everyone, and I hope you’re all doing well and staying strong during this truly, truly unprecedented time.

When the pandemic initially emerged, and restrictions were put into place, we made the point that this is unlikely to be a sprint, it’s going to be a bit of a marathon and that’s certainly what it is feeling like.

I have to tell you, in terms of my own situation, with my connections with my family, with my colleagues, people that I interact with on a daily basis, one of my observations is that things change.

You know the way we were feeling, the way we were adapting, we were responding at the beginning is different from how we’re feeling and responding today.

The needs are different and the context changes as the weeks go on.

So, just to keep that in mind – to connect with people on a regular basis and do kind of a reset in terms of your own needs and how you’re adapting.

One of the challenges I think often we have in situations like this is navigating. You know we have different needs, different supports, different resources that are required and at any one point in time it’s sometimes difficult to find or know where to go for those resources.

We’ve really worked hard to support, you know, our students and also our faculty and our staff.

And one of the particular things that we’ve done recently is we’ve set up a site called Gryphon Family. It’s an approach we’re taking to try to create that single entry, that single portal that allows our students, that allows our faculty and our staff to understand where and how to navigate various resources and needs they might have.

I encourage you all to check that out and I think it will be very helpful for you.

So, on that note, I just want to say all the very best to you. Please stay healthy, stay well, stay strong. And I will also say that I’m looking forward to the day when I bump into many of you on Winegard Walk through the center of campus there and it’s an image that is very much in my mind and I am looking forward to that day.

All the very, very best to you, stay strong, stay well.”