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U of G offers a Media Guide to reporters and news producers that lists U of G faculty who are interested in being interviewed about current issues. Reporters often use this Guide to search by keywords to find faculty members who can discuss particular topics.

New faculty members can use this form to create profiles for themselves in the Guide.

For current faculty, the Guide is always in need of updating. Please search for your name and ensure that your profile is up to date. If your position or areas of expertise have changed, please provide a new bio.

If you would like to be removed from the Guide, you may submit a request through this form as well.

Your request will be submitted to a member of the Communications team who will make the changes and advise you when they have been made.

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Please give a brief description of your areas of research that you are comfortable speaking about with media, using everyday language as much as possible. Bios need not be any longer than 100-150 words. Please use the third person in your description and do not include education history.


Mary Smith’s primary research interest lies in the prevention of weight-related disorders among children. Her current research is focused on how diet and exercise can mediate metabolic processes in chronic disease.

Her previous work looked at school-based interventions for increasing fruit intake in schoolchildren. Smith is a former schoolteacher and a member of the So and So League.

Areas of Expertise (required)

Please list your areas of expertise, separated by commas. Think of the everyday, general search terms reporters are most likely to use to find you.


Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss, Dieting, Low-carb diet


Links to personal website or lab websites, if applicable.

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