Dear U of G students, faculty and staff,

I’m writing today with a brief update on the fire safety issues related to the encampment.

At this point, members of the encampment have moved the tents and personal belongings off the evacuation pathway for Zavitz Hall. We expect members of the encampment to keep the evacuation pathway unobstructed.

As this is a sensitive situation and due to the fire protection measures the University has put in place, including closing access to Zavitz Hall, Guelph Fire Services agreed late yesterday to provide an extension to the deadline to comply. The University has not received any fines to date.

We will be reopening Zavitz Hall once we have the approval from Guelph Fire Services and will be communicating with those impacted by the temporary closure. We appreciate their patience and understanding as we navigate this situation. We will continue to provide updates as needed.

Sharmilla Rasheed
Vice-President, Finance and Operations