On Thursday, May 2, employees who celebrated 25 years of service and others with significant employment milestones in 2024 joined President Yates and the University Leadership Team in Waasamowin to recognize their contributions to the university.

Attendees pose for a photo at the 25-year club reception.
Attendees pose for a photo at the 25-year club reception.
3 women sit at a table and smile at the camera.
From left to right: Sue Kinsella (OVC Health Sciences Centre) celebrates 55 years of service, Virginia Reilly (Hospitality Services) celebrates 25 years of service, and Wendy Spicer (OVC Health Sciences Centre) celebrates 50 years of service.

Congratulations to the 25 Years of Service Honorees for 2024:

Associate VP Academic

  • Alison Crerar, Office of Quality Assurance

College of Arts

  • Stephen Henighan, School of Languages & Literature
  • Paola Mayer, School of Languages & Literature
  • Monica Tap, School of Fine Art & Music

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

  • Scott Maitland, Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
  • Timothy Mau, Department of Political Science

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

  • Shawki Areibi, School of Engineering
  • Marcel Schlaf, Department of Chemistry
  • Simon Yang, School of Engineering
  • Hongde Zhou, School of Engineering

Computing & Communications Services

  • David Wood, Web & Development Solutions

Physical Resources

  • Harold Devries, Structural Shop
  • Danna-Lee Peters, Housekeeping
  • Crystal Wettlaufer, Housekeeping

Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

  • Nancy Bower-Martin, Department of Economics & Finance
  • Stephen Kosempel, Department of Economics & Finance

Hospitality Services

  • Neomi Armitage, Hospitality Services
  • Bruce Collett, Hospitality Services
  • Flo Ann Hattle, Hospitality Services
  • Stephanie Jelly, Hospitality Services
  • Joanne Kreller, Hospitality Services
  • Virginia Reilly, Hospitality Services

Laboratory Services

  • Lori Hahn, Animal Health Laboratory
  • Ping Li, Agriculture & Food Laboratory
  • Paul Oliver, Business Operations
  • Clare Wilman, Agriculture & Food Laboratory

Ontario Agricultural College

  • Susan Glasauer, School of Environmental Sciences
  • Susantha Jayasundara, School of Environmental Sciences
  • Susan Sabatini, Department of Food Science
  • Julie Van Mol, Ridgetown Continuing Education

Ontario Veterinary College

  • Adrienne Archer, Health Sciences Centre
  • Dorothee Bienzle, Department of Pathobiology
  • Debbie Cook, Health Sciences Centre
  • Charlotte Donohoe, Health Sciences Centre
  • Nathalie Lemieux, Department of Pathobiology
  • Paul Woods, Department of Clinical Studies

Open Learning and Educational Support

  • Ross Gillies, Classroom Technical Support

Student Affairs

  • Shelley Gallina, Co-op Education & Career Services
  • Andrew J. Kramer, Co-op Education & Career Services