Safety concerns have been identified in the area surrounding the encampment after an assessment was conducted by University of Guelph’s Physical Resources and Campus Safety Office and Guelph Fire Services this week. 

The assessment found some of the tents set up along Reynolds Walk are obstructing the evacuation pathway from Zavitz Hall. This has raised concerns around the ability to safely exit the building in the event of a fire and the ability for firefighters to access the building in response to a fire.   

As a result, Guelph Fire Services has issued an order for the evacuation pathway to be unobstructed today due to fire safety concerns. To comply with the order, the University communicated with members of the encampment yesterday to inform them that they will need to move their tents and personal belongings a further 10 feet away from Zavitz Hall.  

Once the encampment removes these obstructions, safety fencing will be installed between Zavitz Hall and the encampment to ensure the evacuation route remains clear and accessible.   

In addition to the installation of the safety fencing, there cannot be any signs or flags placed along the fencing, other than evacuation routing signs installed by Physical Resources, to prevent obstructions and flammable or combustible hazards in the area.  

These measures will help ensure the safety of our campus community, the safety of the members of the encampment included.  


Sharmilla Rasheed
Vice-President, Finance and Operations